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Welcome to Ed's Old

Here you will find my unique collection of antique and classic cars, hit miss engines, and much more. 

Please feel free to browse and enjoy my museum 

Construction Signs
Construction Signs

Antique Car Collection

Here is my collection of Antique/Classic cars.  My father collects and sells cars and I acquired the taste for them as well.    I do not sell my cars in my collection.     

I like the more gangster type vehicles.   

However, my families favorite is a 1930 Buick. 

Fee free to take a look.   

Gas Engine Collection

Feel free to take a look at my engine collection that I have acquired over the last 35 years.   I went from collecting one or two engines, to collecting and reselling more common engines, to upgrading my collection to what it is now.   

Spark Plug Collection

Here you will see some of the most unusual spark plugs ever made.    There have been over 5,000 documented different spark plugs made.   Everyone in the old days had their own ideas.   There are so many different  names and styles.    Even today people are still finding ones that no one has ever seen within the club. 

Check out my eBay Store

My wife, Karen and I, have been selling on eBay
for over 21 years.   When eBay first came into our world,
we had just had our fourth child.
When trying for a user id on eBay, we tried all the basic engine guy names to no avail.     
After about the hundreth time trying, our baby, which I was holding dropped his pacifier on the floor. 
We called it a pludge.   So we tried pludge and it stuck.   
Well la, pludge it is.   
I was buying all the time and my wife said we can't keep spending our money on this stuff.   
My solution was that we will learn to sell extra parts I have on eBay.  

Pludge is a name known by many of our followers.
Thank you for all those who have purchased items from us.   We hope you were able to complete your project or add the item to your collection.   
We will continue to sell on eBay, however our account will be on vacation a little more often.  


Amber + Sean-0518.jpeg

Classic Car parts 

Olds spark plugs

plus much more for sale 


My name is Ed Laginess.
I have been collecting antique collectibles and
machinery for over 45+ years to acquire
this wonderful collection.   
With the love and support of my wife,

Karen and our children,

this collection was made possible.  
Our family has grown and our children
have learned to love this wonderful hobby as well.  
Now as young adults they are still interested in
attending the swap meets, flea markets and
shows with us.   

We have met and made many wonderful friends
along the way, many we consider family.  

We always welcome anyone to come visit and
view our collection.   

Amber + Sean-0335.jpeg

***Wanted ***

I am always collecting items to add to

upgrade my collection.

 If you have items like I collect

 for sale or have something you want to get rid of, please give me a call.  

I also will give finders fees.

Ed      734-755-3609

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